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handmade with love just for you

Do you have an event coming up with your pooch? perhaps Rover has been given the all important task of carrying your rings down the aisle? best man? I get it. Dogs are part of the family. And when we have an important event we want to share it with them too.


Wedding dog accessories are one of my all time favourite things to make, and I will work tirelessly for you to make sure the style of product is perfect for what you had in mind. 

contact me below to discuss style ideas, fabrics (I will happily get in a fabric to match your wedding theme), pricing, or anything else related.


Customisation doesn't just have to be for weddings, however! if you have any kind of event or are just after a specific product you - please contact me below x 

Here is a gallery of some custom Moose&Camel products 
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